The Perfect Prom Go To Look

Going through tons of media sites to find THE look for prom?!? It can be frustrating especially if you're not caught up on trends or rarely wear makeup. The best piece of advise we can offer is KEEP IT CLASSY meaning CLASSIC BEAUTY.


So many trends come in and out over the years leaving young women confused when it comes to the definition of beauty. When we say keep it classy, we mean keep it classic. You can never go wrong with a classic beauty look. It's ICONIC, photographs beautifully, and those prom pictures will not be ones to be embarrassed of years from  now. 

What is an ICONIC, CLASSIC, and CLASSY look? Simply brings your best features forward. Your best feature will be the one thing you are complemented most about or something you even see about your face features that screams TOP MODEL. Yes ladies, you ALL have something special about your features. Run with it! If its your lips, why not choose a beautiful velvet red?! Its classic and really outlines your lip shape. If its your eyes, bust those puppies out with individual lashes. Individual lashes are the best way to fill in the gaps with out looking too fake. When you think of classic looks, think red carpet, Scarlett Johanson, the movie Pearl Harbor. The 40's really understood the importance of framing and shaping ones features for the better but in such a natural way that till this day, we keep repeating these steps such as winged liner, arched brows, contouring, and the red lips. This look we speak of is so commonly called RETRO now and it is. Many published makeup artists use this as a GO TO look for celebrities on magazine covers, movies, special events, and more. 

So you have an idea regarding LIPS and EYES but what about the FACE! This is so important. Please girls, do not show your makeup artist a picture of a clearly photoshopped image and say 'make my face look like this'. Makeup artists will clearly do their best to get your skin to look as flawless and beautiful as possible however, your skin has AlOT to do with the outcome. If you never wash your face or use moisturizer, chances are your skin with not be at its best and therefore be harder to achieve the 'NATURAL JLO GLOW'. Before your makeup appointment be sure your face is exfoliated and use a moisturizer that is meant for your skin type. This will allow the artist to nicely and evenly apply a base that will suite your makeup look. Instead of showing them a picture of the 'face' you want, you can just let them know if you like a more dewy finish or matte finish. Typically the dewy finish is requested unless you normally have very oily skin. The dewy finish can be explained by one image of Jennifer Lopez and the common term 'GLOW'. The matte finish means no extra shimmer products are applied and your skin is left without any shine, natural or artificial. Most people that ask for this is as we said oily and know they will have a natural layer of glow by the end of the night from their own oils.

Any last minute pointers before we come to a close on this topic? Hmmm. Yes!

- Use foundation and products that are free of any SPF. SPF causes flashback in photos and many times making you look lighter than you are in person.

- Take a mini touch up kit for lips and maybe liner.

- Be careful you don't take that wing to far out!

- Have a clear reference photo of makeup you would like for your makeup artist.- Glitter is NOT classic but its GREAT for prom too when its placed properly with the right look.

- Take a selfie before you go, don't wait until you've had a CARRIE moment! JK. HAVE FUN!!