The Perfect Prom Go To Look

Going through tons of media sites to find THE look for prom?!? It can be frustrating especially if you're not caught up on trends or rarely wear makeup. The best piece of advise we can offer is KEEP IT CLASSY meaning CLASSIC BEAUTY.


So many trends come in and out over the years leaving young women confused when it comes to the definition of beauty. When we say keep it classy, we mean keep it classic. You can never go wrong with a classic beauty look. It's ICONIC, photographs beautifully, and those prom pictures will not be ones to be embarrassed of years from  now. 

What is an ICONIC, CLASSIC, and CLASSY look? Simply brings your best features forward. Your best feature will be the one thing you are complemented most about or something you even see about your face features that screams TOP MODEL. Yes ladies, you ALL have something special about your fe