Requested Info To Book

After following step 1 and 2, please send the following informationrequested below and photos to be considered. 

I’m the artist correct’s your brows. Brows are very personal so before you can book, I do require for you to send me the following pictures to even see if what you’re wanting is achievable and that you’re clear of the process. I cannot book your appointment without the details below so please send the pics and info and we can go from there :) If you have a previous tattoo, you may not be a candidate with me as your brow tech but it’s on a case by case basis based on the info and photos you send me.

- first and last name

- your brows with no makeup

- your brows with makeup (if you wear makeup)

- reference photo of how you’d like your brows (please select from my page or another brow page vs a page that’s makeup related)

-how did you hear of my services?

-What’s your skin type?

-How insecure and particular are you about your brows? 

-Be sure to do your research and have a clear idea of what you are wanting before coming into the first session hence the request for reference photos :) Please be sure all pics are clear, show entire face, and are in good lighting. Selfies are perfect as long as they meet those standards. No filtered photos! 

-reply stating you "read and accept the terms for my cancellation policy, cancellation list, and acknowledge that you understand all listed in the general information from step 1."


By appointment only. Please give us 24-48 hrs to respond. Text and emails are the best method of contact.
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