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Let's answer some of your most asked questions...


Do I still get my eyebrow done like normal?

  • Because the hair around my eyebrows will still grow right?!) Yes you can still get threaded or waxed as usual after you’ve healed however, do not do before your appts as it will make the area more sensitive and could results in more unnecessary pain.

Should I groom before my appointment?

  • We prefer you don’t as I like to work with any hair given however, you are more than welcome to if done one week prior and any method accepted just not waxing please as it can cause pre-caused trauma the area.

What if I am still unsure of the shape I want, color, technique, etc prior to my scheduled appointment?

  • This definitely needed to have been narrowed down prior to your appointment as it’s not something I can help with. All is customized based on your personal comfort level, preference, lifestyle, etc. I can give perhaps pros and cons but ultimately, it would be your decision so be sure to review the healed results in my highlights carefully and seeking photos of previous clients with your natural brow pattern.

Can I do if I have had a Keloid in the past?

  • Not if you have a history with Keloids on the face but even if you only have had a history with Keloids on the body, you may still have chances to Keloid on brows.

When can I wear makeup again after the appointment?

  • You may wear makeup as normal while avoiding the brows and area around the brows such as forehead while healing. After fully healed (1-2 weeks) you may wear makeup on and around brows as well but please avoid pomades and stick to pencils or powders as pomades have been known to cause over exfoliation to the brows resulting in lifting of color and patchiness.


Am I certified?

  • Yes! Since April 2017

How long does it last?

  • It varies based on your skin type and after care but it can last up to a year without touch ups. Some people say it lasts 3-5 years but what we do is the same across the board so it’s not necessarily as if one artist is using stronger pigment than the other to allow it to last 3-5 years, they may just mean with touch ups it can (but anything can last long with touch ups) or if it does last up to 3-5 years I can’t honestly say it will look the way it did the first year so I rather be more upfront and realistic with your expectations :)

What is the pain?

  • Pain level is mild from and if rated from 1-10 it’s about a 3 on average. We also use numbing creams to help in the beginning and through out the session as well. Check our IG testimonies highlights for real opinions on pain :)

Can I wash my face like normal after?

  • After you have passed the healing period, yes you can wash as normal.

What’s the healing process/recovery time?

  • For the first 10-14 days after procedure you cannot get your brows wet or sweat so avoiding exercise, swimming, and other similar activities is a must. After the 10-14 days you can continue life as normal including applying brow makeup as this is also prohibited during the healing stage. There is a healing cycle that occurs over the first 14 days that you MUST fully understand is normal and will happen. After the procedure your brows will not be swollen but may have the slightest hint of redness but that goes away within an hour. The next 2-3 days the brows will appear much darker, then a couple of days later they will begin scabbing and possibly itching, then a few days later they will begin peeling and appearing patchy, and lastly once all of the scabbing has naturally fallen off, the brows will come back to a normal state and settle into a final shade which is about 10-40% less bold then the day we did them. I will send you home with an ointment that you’ll apply every morning and throughout the day for the first 10-14 days. Allow the process to take place without prematurely removing scabs on your own or touching them. The healing stage varies from person to person. Some may heal in 10 or less while others heal in 14 days. When you’re at the last stage of the explained healed process (all peeled off), that’s the end of the healing cycle for you.

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