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***Before reviewing the following info and sending the info/photos you MUST first have reviewed all the sub-pages containing important information listed in the "BROWS" tab found on the website menu.***


For any questions regarding pricing, availability, eligibility, qualifications, and can find all the info in the sub-pages listed under the "BROWS" tab.


Please send the requested info below via text or email ( Once we receive ALL the requested information and photos, we will review if you're a candidate for services and if approved, we will send you our next available date and time. If that works for you, your deposit will be required next. Once approved and paid, your appointment is confirmed! Deposits are accepted via Zelle only, are non-refundable, and applied to your total amount. The balance is due the day of your Initial Session via cash or Zelle. Thank you!


  • First & Last Name

  • Phone Number

  • Date of Birth (I.D. will be required)

  • If not from Dallas area, what City and State will you be traveling from?

  • IG Account: @

  • How did you hear of my services?

  • Do you have previous work? If so, send ALL the following information: date(s) of your previous session(s), brow tech (IG acct), and describe what you did/did not like about the previous work. Before and after pictures of their work. The more details, the better.

  • Please describe any brow insecurities you may have in depth, what you're hoping to correct, and/or what are your brow goals. The more info you can provide, the better.

  • Did you read and agree to my policies? If so, please state: "I have read and agree to all policies."


When sending the requested photos below, please be sure they're taken in good lighting (preferably day light and not at night), without flash, with a clean camera lens, and of the entire face (no exceptions). These photos are not shared to the public and are for our records only to check if you're a candidate for services.


  • NO makeup

  • With makeup

  • Reference photo of the technique and shape you would like. Please use photos based on my clients with similar hair texture, amount of natural hair, and of similar skin tone. 

  • Be sure to do your research and have a clear idea of what you are wanting before coming into the first session hence the request for reference photos  :)

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