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Before proceeding with booking your appointment, please review our following policies in depth so we may avoid any undesired rescheduling, wait times, and/or cancellations.


  • You may completely cancel at any time however, after paying your deposit to book, it is non-refundable (no exceptions). To be accepted as a client in the future, please have the courtesy to cancel at least one week outside of the scheduled appointment so we may at least fill your spot with another client. Lastly, to book again in the future if you cancelled in good terms, a new deposit would be required and you would be subject to my most current rates if higher than the original rates you booked at.

Rescheduling (Fees)

  • I understand things come up and you may need to move your appointment so we do our best to work with you on rescheduling as long as it's done so in advance and not within the week of your appointment as anything rescheduled week of would incur a $75 rescheduling fee. Keep in mind to reschedule, it would still need to be within our accepted work days/timeframe. In example: We can't reschedule for a Saturday because you started a new job and can't take off but we can reschedule for another date that year in which your job will allow you to take off.

  • Please know this rescheduling fee also applies to COLOR BOOSTS that are needing to reschedule even day of if they have not faded out enough for a full service and are wanting to push their appointment out. Please understand to get the full treatment of a Color Boost you would have had to fade out at least 50% unless you are in agreement to minor retouches such as dots and lines in specific areas in which the rate would not change and would still be the same rate as a full Color Boost service. 

No Call / No Show

  • If you do not confirm your appointment, do not respond to reminders, do not notify us that you will not be coming in, and ultimately do not show, your appointment automatically is cancelled. The deposit and/or any monies paid towards your appointment is forfeited. You also will not be eligible for services in the future. No exceptions.

No Additional Guests

  • Due to liability reasons, we do not allow: pets, children, or infants. Additional adults and teens are also not allowed.

  • When booking your appointment, please factor this into your planning especially if you know you'll be needing a ride as they would need to wait for you in the car for well over 4 hours.

  • Having additional guests also impairs my artistic ability especially if the guest is antsy and impatient; so please do NOT bring additional guests.

No Refunds

  • All monies paid are non-refundable under any/all circumstances. The deposit paid prior and balance paid at the session are non-refundable. COVID WARNING: Please know by paying the deposit, you understand the deposit is non-refundable under all circumstances, this includes balance paid. In example: In the case I, Renee, fall ill to Covid-19 before or after your initial appt and am unable to complete your session(s) on the appointed date, you will be rescheduled to a much later date or it may be cancelled upon your request without the option of a refund.

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