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Let's check if you're a candidate!

Must be 18 years or older.

  • ID’s will be checked. We will accept a school ID, birth certificate, passport, and/or any other government identification. We do take down information of your identification for legal purposes but is not shared with any outside companies, vendors, clients, or law enforcement.

Cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • This is to provide the upmost safety to you and your baby. This is a disqualification of services due to the nature of work. With all services that reach the depth of blood, there’s always a risk of infection, allergic reactions, and more. We cannot legally nor in good conscience potentially risk harming you while pregnant and/or breastfeeding (as it travels to the baby as well).

Cannot be diabetic or have any major medical health issues.

  • History of Keloiding on the face as it could likely Keloid as well.

  • Any patients undergoing cancer or other major medical treatments.

  • Diabetics heal much slower than those that are not diabetic and are more subseptable to infection.

  • Those with any diseases or medical health issues that affect your immune system including but not limited to those with anemia

  • Viral infections and/or diseases

  • Epilepsy

  • Pacemaker or major heart problems

  • Organ transplant

  • Skin irritations or psoriasis near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc)

  • Sick (cold, flu, etc)

  • Accutane in the past year

  • Heart conditions, uncontrolled high blood pressure, poor general health

  • Taking treatment, on medication, or illness that compromises the immune system/healing would make you NOT a good candidate for micropigmentation proceures

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