Brow Techniques



100% Microblading: Technique in which we use a micro tiny blade held by a metal pen like tool that creates hair like thin stroke lines. Great for a very natural finish however, if you commonly wear brow makeup, you may still feel the need to fill them in. Best for normal to dry skin types.

Blade & Shade


50% Microblading & 50% Microshading: This is similar to the style Microshading except less shading and more blading from the front, middle, and top of brows for a more natural finish yet with support of the shading at the bottom border of brows for added definition. This is our other most popular and requested looks however, it doesn’t replace the need for makeup as much as Microshading as it is a bit more natural. Great for those with dry to normal skin types. Having very oily skin may cause the strokes to fade quicker or not hold as well and is why this is not ideal for oily skin types but still achievable at the first session and if the strokes don’t heal as well, we can always move over to Microshading for the final session.



20% Microblading & 80% Microshading: This offers the best of both techniques by keeping the natural hairlike strokes visible in the front and a more makeup filled in look towards the middle and back. This is one of our two most popular and in demand styles as you have a look suitable for everyday wear without makeup on and compatible when wearing the rest of your makeup. Great for all skin types especially those with oily skin.

Ombre Powder


100% Microshading: Technique in which the pigment (ink) is deposited with a single needle via machine to create “makeup" like finish. Great for replacing the hassle of applying brow makeup every day however, it also depends how intense you’d like them. Great for all skin types especially those with oily skin. 


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