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All techniques offered are based on clients natural brows, goals, skin type, and lifestyle. After healed, they do lighten up 20-40%. All techniques are created by machine (not a microblade) as It’s less invasive and my personal tool of choice. The intensity, color, shape, and technique chosen are at each clients preference.

Nano Strokes

Nano Strokes &  Shading (Feathered)

Nano Strokes &

Shading (Defined)



Powder Ombre

100% Hair Strokes

Hair strokes are created by machine, one by one, in the direction of your natural hair pattern for a seamless flow. This adds fullness without definition. Most likely will still need to apply brow makeup.

50% Hair Strokes

& 50% Shading

Hair strokes are created by machine at front and border all around brows but added shading in center to create more depth and fullness. Most likely will still need to apply brow makeup.

50% Hair Strokes & 50% Shading

Hair strokes are created at front and tops of brows plus shading at bottom and tails with a defined bottom border. This is a hairlike top and clean bottom. Brow makeup less likely needed.

10% Hair Strokes

& 90% Shading

Hair strokes are created at front and shading for the rest of entire brow, top and bottom. This creates a hairlike beginning and clean top/bottom. AKA the (makeup) hassle free brow.

100% Shading

No hair strokes but instead shading throughout entire brow with a lighter front for an ombré effect. This creates the most similar effect of “makeup” brows or IG brows.


Your Natural

Brow Hair

If you have lots of naturally course hair, most likely we’ll need to camouflage with thicker and darker hair strokes. Thinner fine hair? Thinner strokes blend easily with most shades without the need to go very dark. Shading is recommended in any technique as it always adds fullness, definition, and a natural blend from your real hairs to the work done.


Your Skin Type

Dry to Normal skin types tend to heal best and need less touch ups (aka Color Boosts) throughout the years. Combo to Oily skin types tend to fade sooner and more likely to need touch ups (aka Color Boosts) sooner through the year but usually holds up better after the first Color Boost. For these skin types, nothing less than Nano-Microshading or Powder Ombré would be recommended.


Your Lifestyle

The more your pores and skin are exposed to opening via swimming, dancing, tanning, exercising, facials, etc...the more likely you’ll see fading through the year(s). Please factor this into your decision making when choosing a brow technique. The more natural and less intense a technique is, perhaps the more you’ll need Color Boosts if you have quite an active lifestyle or genetically have oily skin and larger pores.


Your Features

Although we measure for symmetry when drawing out the brows, your facial features play a major role in the overall shaping as well. I will always keep your requests in mind in regards to thickness, form, etc however, I do use my experience and artistry background to create a brow designed to compliment your facial features as well. No brows are ever 100% symmetrical with these services; being off a millimeter here or there is always likely but you’re always seek design approval before starting and after completing to assure if you see any dots/lines that need adjusting, we can try and do so for optimal results while in studio.


Your Goals

When choosing a technique, I always ask what are your goals? How often are you wanting to apply makeup after healing? Please factor this is as you don’t want to ask for anything with less shading in example, if you draw your brows in daily as once healed, you may find yourself still filling them in. Many clients initially request “natural” aka less shading for the Initial Session and by the Final Session, they say add as much shading as needed as they realize less shading doesn’t mean less natural and many times it’s not practical if they typically like the way they look with brow makeup. I always go at your pace but will offer my advice.

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