Once booked, we will send you a detailed list of how to prepare and what the aftercare will be however, to the right are a few key points to keep in mind when selecting a date as it may factor into your plans.


  • This is not optional and required for optimal results. Should you forget to adhere to the requirements, we would recommend rescheduling (please see my Rescheduling Policy to avoid fees). To keep it short and simple, 48 hours prior to each session: avoid medications such as ibuprofen and blood thinners, caffeine (such as coffee, sodas, some teas), vitamins, and alcohol (even if it’s just a sip. These are considered blood thinners in which impact and may affect the pain tolerance, outcome, and healed results. If blood is excessively running out, the numbing gels and pigments used are not entering properly.


For optimal results, we consider the aftercare a requirement. The closer you adhere to these do’s and dont’s, the better the outcome! For the next 1-2 weeks (or until healed) we ask that you:

  • Avoid exercise (even a brisk walk)

  • Any steam related activities such as steamy showers (hot is okay but don’t allow it to become steamy), saunas, cooking hours over a steaming pot, facials (as they include steam), etc.

  • Any facial related appointments such as eyelash extension appts, microneedling, etc.

  • Makeup on or around brows (brow area specifically but anything below the brows is perfectly okay)

  • Excessive exposure to the sun

  • Anything that will open your pores more than normal such as if you work in a labor intensive environment, I’d recommend not taking on additional hoursif possible)


By appointment only. Please give us 24-48 hrs to respond. Text and emails are the best method of contact.
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