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What Products Do We Use

To put in short terms; whatever you'd find at Sephora or Ulta and ultimately, what works best for the client.

The products we utilize on each client are carefully and selectively hand picked after first conducting thorough and multiple testing techniques, researching the products ingredients, and comparing to various other brands/products to ensure we deliver the best results using the best products for the task at hand! 

The brands we carry vary from Tarte, to MAC, to Charlotte Tilsbury, and many more. There is not one brand we feel caters to each individuals needs nor requested look. What may work for one person may not be the same case for the next. We do promise to use name brand cosmetics that you'd find at Sephora and Ulta for comparison and at most mall counters. None of the products purchased are used, purchased from third party retailers such as Ebay, or are used for personal application on ourselves. We also sanitize the products before, during, between, and after events.


The process and is it necessary...

We all want to look our absolute best come event day however, leaving it in the hands of a professional may seem to be the scariest task of your wedding challenges yet...aaand that's why we're here to tell you the ends and outs of trials and to provide you comfort to the process!

Trials are a great way to test your ideas on our services so you already know what you're walking into day of the wedding however, they are not required. Our rate for trials are $250 and can be used for any event outside of a month from the wedding such as engagement photo session, bridal photo session, etc. The artists we assign for the trial will always be the artists assigned to do your makeup and hair for the wedding events. We always ask the brides send us reference photos of what they're wanting and then we review day of trial along with obtaining information about your personal likes and dislikes of makeup and hair in general. This process allows us to create a custom and classic look that will exceed your expectations!


Touch Ups

They're not offered and this is why...

Our team applies products in such a careful and detailed method using professional products to ensure longevity, all day HD quality, and comfort. For this reason, our brides rarely need to change or touch up anything more than maybe a couple of fly aways, lip stick, and shine. Each of our brides receives a "touch up" kit to have in those times of need. It includes a sample of the color used by the artist on the lips, blotting papers, couple of bobby pins, and other small helpful items. If you would like any changes more than just a touch up as described above, we do consider that as part of a new look and we would do the hair and makeup from scratch. In regards to rate, this would be considered an additional bridal event and charged as a bridal rate. If you're a Desi bride, we highly recommend booking your reception look as well instead of wearing your ceremony look into the evening as you will have a different sari/lengha and would need a differenty type of hair/makeup look all together.

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