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As part of the bridal realm, we do include engagement ceremonies as part of our bridal services. This would be available for the bridal plus any guests booked however, we do not book the bridal party/guests if the bride is not included. As with bridal services, we travel to your location and bring all necessary to complete the look such as: lashes, the chair, lighting, etc. We just ask you provide any hair accessories you'd like to add and that you provide a table for us to setup.

Bridal Hair and Makeup

Bridal hair and makeup services have been our specialty since creating the business in 2010. We have served bridals of all cultures and ethnicities throughout the country and Mexico. With the bride included, we also take on any guests. We typically travel to your location for the events and bring all necessary to complete your look. We only ask that you provide a table and any hair accessories you may want to add. Lashes are included. We bring our own lighting and chair. 


If you're an upcoming bride or already booked with our team, we do offer trials at our location so you may get the full visual of the look for your big day. We included one hair and makeup look, review the additional events we'd also be contracted for, and review all the details of your desired look. Due to demand, our availability is limited and we suggest to book at least 3 months out. We do not book trials the month of the wedding however, the trial may be used for the engagement shoot or bridal shower if wanted. 

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