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Please know I do not accept clients in the evening and weekends (including Fridays) as I do share my time with my other business, Ishnaé & Co, a professional bridal hair and makeup team in which we travel nationwide and to Mexico for services all year round. Please know I do NOT have a cancellation list for Initial Sessions. Rates and availability are subject to change based on when you book.

Initial Sessions: Monday-Tuesday @8am

Final Sessions: Monday-Tuesday @3pm

Yearly Touch Ups: I offer the following times once a week on either Wednesday or Thursday. These are the following times 7:00am, 10:30am, 2:00pm and 5:30pm. 


March 2024


***All rates and availability are subject to change based on demand; without given notice.

Rates and dates booked are locked in for any appointment booked.***

Initial Sessions


Deposit Requirement: $100

The balance of $750 would be due at your Initial Session prior to starting services.

This includes ANY technique for any new Ishnaé Brow clients (including those with previous work from another tech) and the Final/Perfection Session is held 6-8 weeks after the Initial Session. Session time is about 5-6 hours for the Initial Session and about 3-4 hours for the Final Session. This includes the consultation, photos, mapping, numbing time, procedure, etc.

Friend Promo

$750 each person (2 max)

Deposit Requirement: $375 each (%50 of total)

The balance of $375 each is due the day of your appt.

*Appts would NOT be in the same day however, both must pay the deposit on the same day once approved as a candidate in order to reserve this promotional rate. In the case both pay the deposit but one cancels, the promotional rate would be void and the others rate would go back to the $850 rate.*

Color Boosts

$250 per year

Includes one session that takes about 3hrs. This service is only available to clients that have already had their Initial and Final sessions with us; not available for foreign work. The rate is based on the date of your last session. In example if your last session was April 2019, your touch up rate for February 2021 would be $500 as it’s 1 year and 10 months from the last session.

Deposit Requirement: $0

Brow Classes


Deposit Requirement: $1,000

The balance of $3,000 would be required 2 weeks prior to class. We no longer offer group classes. This would be a 1 on 1 private class with Renee, the owner and lead tech at Ishnae Brows, as your instructor. This is broken into two portions to receive optimal use of our time in class: half is online that is required to be completed prior to class and the other half is 3 days in person at our studio. This includes a live model, full kit, and certificate of completion. Renee is quite selective in the students she takes on so for more info and to check your candidacy as a potential student, please email us. 

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