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Natural VS Neutral

Updated: Apr 23, 2018

Typical reference photos provided by clients are of the Kardashians and other red carpet makeup looks. This is fine and totally understood however, we want to be sure you are aware of the difference between NATURAL and NEUTRAL. Many people see the glamorous makeup and becuase it seems soft in appearance, we automatically call in natural. This is a big misguiding term when explaining your preference in makeup to your makeup artist.

Natural means many different  things to different artists depending on the artist you work with. When our team hears natural, we do not think Kardashian. We think teen makeup, dewy finish, barely any eye makeup, basically as if you woke up just fresh and youthful without noticeable traces of makeup.

The Kardashian we see so much of is what our team calls Neutral Glam! It means the makeup is neutral in colors yet highlighted, contoured, glowing, and flawless. This look does well with most occasions and shows up in camera better than a Natural look would. So why offer a 'natural' look? Because this typically works best with our mature clientele, teens, or clients that do not want to look really different at all. 

When buying makeup for yourself, dont be scared by the number of items it turns out it takes to achieve a look. At the same token, less is more so always build your way up and take a step back and look in to the mirror through out your makeup application to make sure you haven't surpassed the intensity you were aiming for.

FUN FACT: It takes professional makeup artists on our team almost the same amount of time to apply a natural makeup look as it would to do a dramatic look, if not longer. This is because it is much harder to make the skin appear flawless without the look of makeup than it is to do a heavier makeup look and not care if it looks like there's makeup on the skin.

So next time you see a makeup look on TV or in a magazine, think twice before calling it 'natural'. It may be far from it. It takes many steps and processes to get this celebrity Khloe look and in no way is it natural :) Its gorgeous none the less but call it Neutral. We hope this helps to better understand your preferred style when it comes to buying makeup or getting a makeup service.

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